'Conserve Cornwall' - Our visitor giving scheme.

Visitor Giving (VG) is a simple process of asking visitors to voluntarily support conservation and enhancement projects through donating a small amount of money via their bill or fees e.g. £1 to £2 from each booking made.

VG provides an opportunity to educate visitors and raise awareness of the issues facing the local landscape and how tourism and communities can form collaborative partnerships by supporting a variety of projects.

Projects that will help to:

·         Conserve and enhance the natural beauty of the landscape

·         Manage and restore habitats for wildlife

·         Manage and improve footpaths

·         Look after the distinctive historical heritage

Supporting these projects will help to ensure our fragile natural and historical landscape is preserved for future generations to enjoy.

What’s in it for your business?

·         VG creates great marketing opportunities for participating businesses.

·         Maintains a competitive edge through providing an improved offer to customers.

·         VG can often be the first step on a road to a new way of thinking and operating sustainably

·         Provides visitors with a more rewarding experience and a deeper engagement with the Cornwall AONB.

·         Your business will be strengthening its environmental and green credentials helping to enhance your reputation.

What’s in it for your visitors?

·         Engagement with the conservation and protection of an area they love to visit.

·         Helping to improve the quality of the landscape and visitor experience

·          Visitors are supporting local projects and the local economy.

·          Visitors will gain a raised awareness and understanding of the positive difference VG can make.

·         Feel good about supporting a nationally important landscape.'

How can I make a real difference?

The Cornwall AONB Trust will support you in joining the VG Scheme by providing materials to inform your customers about what projects the Trust are supporting and how it can make a difference to you and your customers.

Please contact us and start making a real difference today;

Jane Davies

Cornwall AONB Trust

Tel: 01872 322350